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Microsemi Syncserver S600/S650

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NTP Servers Redefined. The Microsemi S6xx Series NTP Servers

The new SyncServer S600 and 650 Time Servers are best-in-class NTP solutions from industry leader, Microsemi (formerly Symmetricom) offering a secure, highly accurate time source capable of meeting your most stringent network requirements.

Introduced in 2016, the 600 series SyncServers replace the now discontinued SyncServer S100/S200/S250/S300/S350.

SyncServer S600

One of the most popular and trusted NTP/PTP servers on the market today, the S600 NTP server from Microsemi offers advanced security features and blazing performance, capable of up to 360,000 authenticated NTP requests per second.

SyncServer S650

The versatile S650 NTP server from Microsemi offers the same industry-leading performance as the S600, with the added benefit of modular configuration and numerous diverse output types. Providing the multipurpose flexibility to serve a wide range of time and frequency needs.

Why Syncworks?

Syncworks is the industry leader in delivering network synchronization to the telecommunications, utilities, and cable industries.  We help our customers maintain, modernize and evolve their infrastructure to support the delivery of timing services over Ethernet and Packet based technologies critical for QoS, video delivery, circuit emulation, mobile backhaul and SLA verification.

Our industry-best engineering and implementation practices were developed, refined and proven on thousands of projects over the last decade.

Syncworks is the top diamond partner of Microsemi (formerly Symmetricom), the global leader in synchronization technology.

We are North America’s largest stocking supplier of Microsemi network sync & timing solutions.

We offer world-class service and support through our SyncCare support program. As a smaller support based company, Syncworks places no higher priority than ultra-responsive Customer Service.  We are close knit team of Sync professionals that operates with the common goal of providing an industry leading Service and Support experience.